100 percent citrus
is Orange Fiber

100 percent citrus is the project presented by Orange Fiber team that won Global Change Award by H&M Foundation.

The aim of the project is to create a sustainable textile made from citrus juice by-products that is to say, everything left after a good orange juice is made.

The first citrus

Orange Fiber is an Italian company founded by Adriana Santanocito and Enrica Arena. They developed and patented an innovative process to create fabulous textiles from citrus juice by-products and in 2016 they created the first pilot production plant.

Citrus by-products are not rival to food - since they are the leftovers of the juice production - and are valuing just in Italy more than 1 million ton a year. In our vision, this by-product will satisfy the increasing demand for sustainable and high-quality textiles not depleting natural resources.

orange fiber textile

Global Change

100 percent citrus by Orange Fiber won the first edition of Global Change Award, selected among more than 2,700 idea submitted from 112 different countries.

Only five projects have been selected as winners, sharing a total grant of EUR 1 million and one year innovation accelerator provided by H&M Foundation in collaboration with Accenture and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm to develop the project.

The innovation accelerator will provide exclusive fashion industry access and offer possibilities to build networks and try out the ideas within the fashion value chain.

The other winners are:

  • Making waste-cotton new – conversion of waste-cotton into new textile. Innovation team lead: Michael Hummel, Finland.
  • The polyester digester – using microbes to recycle waste polyester textile. Innovation team lead: Akshay Sethi, U.S.
  • An online market for textile leftovers – a marketplace for industrial upcycling of spill in production. Innovation team lead: Ann Runnel, Estonia.
  • Growing textile fibre under water – utilizing algae to make renewable textile. Innovator: Tjeerd Veenhoven, the Netherlands.
global change award 2016 100 percent citrus team